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Small business plans

Our Small Business/ Small Disadvantaged Business subcontracting approach is focused on using local and regionally based businesses to implement our technical approach. Our selected subcontractors will be engaged in substantial, meaningful, and technically challenging roles. This will help strengthen the local economy, creating new business opportunities. We plan to subcontract more than 18% of our contract value. The following table reflects the focus areas.

For further information on Small Business, please contact our Supply Chain Manager:

Carol Ajirogi
Phone: 859-685-9267

On January 13th, 2017, the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency revised its Risk Management Plan rule found at 40CFR68.210(b). Contact MCS by phone at (859) 685-2060 or by email at to request information on our regulated substances, Safety Data Sheets, our five-year accident history, our Emergency Response Program, scheduled emergency responses exercises, and local Emergency Planning Commission (CEPC) contact information. Your request will be answered within 45 days.

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