Adam Goldberg is the Program Manager for Engineering and brings 24 years of engineering and technical leadership experience in nuclear and chemical processing and uranium conversion operations at commercial facilities and on DOE projects, including two MCS past-performance projects: CFFF and DOE/NNSA downblending of HEU to LEU. He is experienced in the chemical and uranium conversion processes involved in operating complex conversion plants to maximize their throughput. He has led, managed, or supported the technical areas of his role for projects that are similar in size, scope (chemical conversion operations using analogous systems to DUF6 operations) and complexity (regulated environment, chemical, and waste management, multi-party interfaces) to DUF6 operations.

Since joining Westinghouse in 2004, Adam has focused on driving continuous improvements of uranium chemical and conversion processes to optimize productivity and throughput at CFFF. His technical capabilities in process and systems engineering, configuration management, plant and equipment reliability, and operational readiness of chemical conversion processes will provide operations assurance to the DUF6 project.