Educational involvement


 MCS targets our Educational Outreach Program for student support, curriculum enhancement, educational technology, public understanding, and service of employees. In collaboration with local schools and the community, MCS identified critical areas of need and  target the following areas:

Key Initiatives:

1 Partnerships

2 Workforce Development


1 Provide educational tools and technologies, along with school supplies to ensure student success throughout the school year.

2 Mentor students on career awareness (specifically encouraging science, engineering, and manufacturing in relation to the DUF6 project), provide scholarships and internships, and higher education opportunities.

3 Host field trips and conduct classroom demonstrations so students are made aware of the DUF6 project.

5 Participate and volunteer in local STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) Programs with area schools.

Workforce Development 

1 Provide an educational assistance program to our employees pursuing a Bachelor of Arts or Science Degree related to the mission of the DUF6 Conversion Project.

2 Offer outside training programs or executive training programs for non-executive employees interested in professional development or gaining a graduate degree in related disciplines at the DUF6 Project.

MCS will provide training and educational opportunities to their managers and leaders within the organization to help with overall improvement and skills development, such as conflict resolution. MCS will also seek out employees or identify people within our organization who have potential to fill management roles and provide training necessary via conference attendance or classes to benefit the future of the project.

MCS’s educational assistance program provides opportunities for employees to obtain additional education or training in order to maintain or enhance their competence in their job and prepare for future opportunities and critical skill positions within the company.