Meet Our Team

Alan Parker is the President and Project Manager. During Mr. Parker’s 37 year career, he has served as Project Manager on two of DOE’s most challenging contracts, the Rocky Flats and Idaho Clean-up projects. He has implemented regulatory agreements with six separate state regulators within three EPA regions. Alan is skilled at building and leading high-performing, multi-contractor teams with up to 4,000 salaried, union, and subcontractor personnel to meet challenging project and regulatory milestones.

Mr. Parker has been a demonstrated leader on DOE, NRC, and UK Decommissioning Authority projects. He has experience on ten major DOE projects, including lessons learned related to commissioning and operations of Portsmouth and Paducah. Mr. Parker is a former United Steelworkers of America member, local 7854 and a professional engineer.

Fred Jackson is the Chief Process Tech Officer, Chief Engineer, and Deputy Project Manager. He brings 26 years of management and technical leadership in nuclear and chemical processing, uranium conversion engineering, operations and project management. Since joining Westinghouse in 2004, he has been instrumental in developing and implementing the Westinghouse Manufacturing System (WMS), the model for the Mid-America Conversion Services (MCS) Integrated Production System (IPS), which provides production processes and behavioral tools to safely produce high-quality conversion products. Much of his career with Westinghouse is supporting conversion, uranium and chemical operations, including operations at three MCS past-performance projects: Columbia Fuel Fabrication Facility (CFFF), Springfields Fuels Ltd (SFL) and Department of Energy/National Nuclear Security Administration (DOE/NNSA) downblending of highly enriched uranium (HEU) to low-enriched uranium (LEU).

Fred’s broad experience as a program and project manager, manufacturing manager and engineer, supply chain professional and Six Sigma Black Belt will instill a continuous improvement culture to achieve DOE’s design capability at the DUF6 plants.

Zack Smith is the Portsmouth DUF6 Conversion Facility Plant Manager and has responsibility for all plant activities and operations. After being shut down for more than 2-1/2 years, Zack lead the facility team through restart efforts including a DOE Readiness Assessment and obtained DOE approval for resumption of operations December 2017.

Zack has extensive field experience leading multi-billion dollar project activities. His experience includes: Executive Vice President and Chief Operations Officer – Hanford Tank Operations Contract, long-term assignments at U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE’s) Savannah River Site, Hanford Site and multiple short-duration assignments at other DOE sites. Zack has frequently represented site activities with DOE-HQ executives, Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board, regulators and congressional staffers. He has more than 30 years of engineering and field management experience.

As the Executive Vice President and Chief Operations Officer for Washington River Protection Solutions, Zack had responsibility for execution of the $600 million per year operations of the Hanford Tank Farms. Activities included storage, retrievals, transfers, treatment and disposal of more than 50 million gallons of high level radioactive waste located in 177 large underground storage tanks.

As the DOE Savannah River Operations Office Deputy Manager, Zack had broad leadership responsibility for approximately $1 billion in annual operating and construction activities. Major achievements included completion of a campaign that delivered approximately 300 metric tons of LEU to the DOE customer, certification and final disposition of 12,000 cubic meters of transuranic waste and Secretary of Energy approval for closure of four large nuclear waste tanks.

Also at the Savannah River Site, Zack was the federal portfolio manager for the $1.6 billion American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) project which reduced the site waste footprint by 230 square miles (75 percent of the 310-square-mile site) and dispositioned more than 5,000 cubic meters of TRU waste. Through outstanding interface management, Zack was instrumental in obtaining project funds and leading the project to successful conclusion. The project was one of only three finalists for PMI’s International Project Management of the Year Award in 2013.

With responsibility for the $1.9 billion Salt Waste Processing nuclear facility construction project as the DOE Federal Project Director, Zack directed federal project activities from 65% design completion to greater than 90% design completion and advanced field construction from facility mudmat to approximately 45% construction completion.

James “Jim” Barker is the Paducah DUF6 Conversion Facility Plant Manager and has responsibility for all plant activities and operations. Jim brings with him over 35 years of combined experience in nuclear and non-nuclear facility operations, maintenance, closure, and decommissioning in both the United States and United Kingdom.

Jim began his career as an operator at Idaho National Lab in fuel reprocessing and HLW tank farms. His proven leadership skills in ISMS eventually landed him a shift manager position in chemical operations at INL. Jim soon became the Operations Manager which led to the effective startup and operation of the GEM Project, which became the first successful attempt to safely retrieve and package buried Rocky Flats transuranic waste from the infamous Pit 9 Landfill at the Idaho Site. Mr. Barker spent 31 years at the Idaho National Laboratory as the Nuclear Facility Manager and eventually became the Director of Decontamination and Decommissioning, where his team demolished 265 buildings, which included, five reactors, a reprocessing plant, hot cells, and various nuclear laboratories.

Recently, Jim served as the Vice President and Project Director of Tank Closure and Regulatory; F and H Tank Farms at the Savannah River Remediation Site. There, Mr. Barker was responsible for the site’s projects, strategies, regulatory interfaces, and programs subject for the closure of high-level waste tanks.

Jim’s past experience, leadership, and expertise will be vital in the success of the DUF6 Project and the Paducah Plant.

Sharon Shirley is the Business Manager and Chief Administrative Officer and brings 25 years of business operations and project controls experience from five DOE facilities, including the Oak Ridge, K-25 Facility, Fernald Environmental Management Project, Savannah River M&O, Portsmouth D&D and Paducah Deactivation Project. Sharon has supported Fluor’s Government Group and Manufacturing & Life Sciences business lines. She has earned a reputation for developing and sustaining strong relationships with clients and management teams.

Sharon has most recently served as Fluor’s Business Services Director at the Portsmouth D&D Project, where she was accountable for financial management and business conduct of the $350M/year contract. Her established relationships with DOE and Fluor-led management teams at both Portsmouth and Paducah ensures that MCS brings continuity of business services.

Todd Butz, PhD, is the ES&H Manager and brings 25 years of ESH&Q program leadership experience supporting operations at five DOE sites and NDA facilities in the UK. His project experience includes the Paducah site, as well as Atkins’ U-233 Disposition, UK Magnox Sites Decommissioning, and the Portsmouth D&D projects. Todd has managed radiological protection, regulatory management, NEPA, ISMS, QA, Safeguards & Security, Emergency Management, and Waste Management. During his role at Paducah, he restructured and managed the ESH&Q and regulatory compliance functions to meet the increased workload and accelerated schedule under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA). He ensured ISMS principles were embedded in the work planning on a graded basis.

Todd has developed safety programs that are underpinned by strong conduct of operations to sustain plant operations. As Plant Manager at Y-12, he managed a $250M/year operations scope. He has managed Y-12 environmental compliance and waste management programs.

Adam Goldberg is the Program Manager for Engineering and brings 24 years of engineering and technical leadership experience in nuclear and chemical processing, and uranium conversion operations at commercial facilities and on DOE projects, including two MCS past-performance projects: CFFF and DOE/NNSA downblending of HEU to LEU. He is experienced in the chemical and uranium conversion processes involved in operating complex conversion plants to maximize their throughput. He has led, managed or supported the technical areas of his role for projects that are similar in size, scope (chemical conversion operations using analogous systems to DUF6 operations) and complexity (regulated environment, chemical and waste management, multi-party interfaces) to DUF6 operations.

Since joining Westinghouse in 2004, Adam has focused on driving continuous improvements of uranium, chemical and conversion processes to optimize productivity and throughput at CFFF. His technical capabilities in process and systems engineering, configuration management, plant and equipment reliability, and operational readiness of chemical conversion processes will provide operations assurance to the DUF6 project.