Scott Nicholson brings over 33 years of leadership experience in the areas of nuclear facility operations, programs, and projects.  Prior to joining MCS, he held an executive leadership position for the Department of Energy, Savannah River Operations Office and managed the Safety and Health, Quality Assurance, and Site Engineering Offices.  His vision and counsel was instrumental in transforming his organization into a vital asset as a field support organization.  He was instrumental in driving improvements to the Contractor Assurance System (CAS), which promoted efficiencies in program execution and developed enhancements to oversight integration with internal/external stakeholders for evaluating Safety Management Programs. Scott has extensive field experience gained through positions held at the Charleston Naval Shipyard as a pipefitter and Nuclear Mechanical Systems/Piping Inspector, and with the Department of Energy as a Weapons QA Inspector, QA Program Manager, Facility Representative, Safety and Health Program Manager, and Project Manager.  Scott represented site positions and activities with the Defense 

Nuclear Facilities Safety Board, Regulators, Citizens Advisory Board, and DOE-HQ’s.  Scott's experience with driving improvements to Safety Management Programs and his operational experience will help drive and maintain a continuous improvement culture for the DUF6 Project.